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April 16th, 2014

so  we have raws for up to 55 so that about vol 7 and i think some of vol 8. so right now im waiting for cat to translate the rest. but affter that when it hits july cat will no longer be with me.BUT dont worry we still be translating them just note that it wont be cat it will be  corfidbinza that will be doing the translation affter that  and already has done translation for kingdom hearts before ^^ .

anyways ill also be posting the new chapters  on tumbler if any cares ? XD   as ive seen scans from manga fox and i wondering if people even know that they came from here  ( wondering how they did as it shouldn't let people read them on manga fox O_o)  i dont care if people do post them on there  just that if you asking qustion on manga hosting sites well it may be a long time till i ever see them LOL

also if people where wondering if you want to translate theses in to a different language you can i don't care but i would hope you give credit and tell me that you did. if you dont that okay i guess i would just like to know that they were useful to you guys :) as  long as your not taking credit and making it sound like you did the translation your self and never used English scans to help.  . so ya if you want to post or edit stuff and use translation that fine but please credit that your using the translation from here not saying that no one is but if you wanted to know and were to shy to ask ^^

on a side note if you can translate and want to put manga scans out but don't know how to edit and where fine with the way things are done here you can ask end i would do the editing for you just as long as you have the raws or know where to download ^.^ i could buy them my self if i like the looks of the art ...but i better have your word that your going to translate them and im not buying them and finding out you no longer want to do them -.-  if you want to see my best and first work with sfx  you can go to hell hell.  *note that the first page it was imposable to fit text in that page so that why it may look a little weird

March 26th, 2014

you can read a lot of our stuff here >

kingdom heart I short story ** this short story is not in the final mix version

wheres kingdom hearts chain of memories or number 1? we didn't translate them you can find them on manga hosting sites or buy them
--------------------KINGDOM HEARTS DAYS
1-9 manga hosting sites (same for the rest too) *we didn't translate them

chapter 9-13 you can read chapter here but you have to join the group

14 someone else did it manga hosting site is your best bet



17 -18 where done by a different group


















----------------KINGDOM HEARTS II
1-21 Manga hosting sites (same for rest) we did not translate them

kingdom hearts II chapter 21

22 some one else

kingdom hearts II chapter 23

24-29 were done by Catmaster before we became partners so i had noting to do with them and they were done with scans that weren't that good i could make them better but  there no point in it now that yen press has been selling the books now so if you want good scans you can buy the book ^^ ( i did redo like 1 or 2 after we became partners before) so ya if you want them on your comp for own personal use with out a water mark on them you can. but just be warned they may not be up to your standings 24 25

26 27 28

chapter  30  kingdom hearts II

chapter 31

chapter  32 kingdom hearts II

chapter 33 kingdom hearts II

chapter 34 for kingdom hearts II

 chapter 35 for kingdom hearts II

  chapter 36 kingdom hearts II

kingdom hearts II chapter 37

vol 6



February 13th, 2012

Sorairo Square

Vol 1 chapter 1

vol 1 chapter 2

( put on hold due to no translator)  * been pick up by a new group unless they have stoped  i would love to pic up again if got a new translator)

January 17th, 2012

need new translateors for

Warabe no kusa

May 26th, 2011

Warabe no Kusa

here is chapter 1 this is joint with Eikou]


Warabe no Kusa Kirinji extra chapter

March 26th, 2011

due to me losing the scans when my comp died i lost all the data on them and mega uploaded was the only place i had them and well they shut down so i got them back off of hosting sites so story that they have water marks on them :(  but if you want them on your comp and don't like hosting sites here they are
chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

chapter 5

March 19th, 2011

we are look for Chines translators , Japanese translators and Korean translators.     :D

would like to get a new translator for ( or a new joint )
Hell Hell
Warabe no Kusa
would also like to do,
I accept you II and III

Wana ni Ochi, Koi ni Ochi

Shitateya Koubou Artelier Collection ( has up to vol 6


Shitateya Koubou Artelier Collection *has raw up to vol 6 ( C) vol 1(J)

spray king by MIKUNI Shin (chapters 7+)

amnesia manga based on the anime and visual novels

Ashita wa Docchi da


Norn 9 - Norn + Nonet

Dear Girl – Stories – Hizuki

Utawarerumono (vol 2)

Kamigami no Akugi

Tsukuyomi - Moon Phase the last 4 vols


Original Sin

Reverend D

Teru Teru Tenjin Toori

Yamanaka Shikanosuke Monogatari

Joou no Hyakunen Misshitsu

バット アンド ドラゴン BAT×DRAGON

Vanpu ni Barabara  by IISAKA Yukako

Tasukete! Vampire   by IISAKA Yukako

Usotsuki na Kanojo

Nemurenai! Midnight by IISAKA Yukako

Battle Girl Ai by IISAKA Yukako

or if you can translate and just for what ever reason is here  or learning Japanese and want to translate a manga and need someone to do the editing i could do it for you since i want to bring more manga to the US  i do all types even if its not something im intersected in :)

pm me or leave a comment here

March 9th, 2011

HI everyone

for people who wonder ...who all in this group

taimea ... cleaner typesetter

(part timer) catmaster  J and C  translator/ proof reader

Corfid Bizna j translator / editor/ proof reader

no longer with us / never herd from in a long time
part time kayu (part time/ not really with use now) J-E Translator
ze arokat   proof reader

looks loney ....well find some J C K and have them join or join to make this small group a big happy family :)

( if you dont see your type ( meaning what you can do) and would want to join show me your work and ill see if can use you note that right now still not really looking for cleaners or typesetters cause we don't have anything for you
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